Long Thanh Industrial Park is a bright spot to attract investment capital

Sharing about the important results in investment attraction in 2012, a representative of Sonadezi Long Thanh Joint Stock Company also said: “In addition to the factors of location, infrastructure, the level of persuasion for sub-consultants depends heavily on policy investment and the support and advice of each infrastructure company. $26 million invested in Long Thanh Industrial Park in 2012 is not a large number, but it has contributed to helping the company maintain a stable growth rate in the current difficult economic context.

Attracting nearly 1 billion USD

That is the result that Sonadezi Long Thanh achieved after 9 years of establishment and operation of Long Thanh Industrial Park. As of December 2012, there have been 84 investment projects in Long Thanh Industrial Park with a total investment capital of more than 987 million USD (including existing investment projects, new projects and capital increase projects). In which, there are many large projects operating in the high-tech field such as: Robert Bosch Vietnam Co., Ltd ($322 million), Olympus Vietnam Co., Ltd ($110 million), TAIHAN Cable Joint Venture Company -SACOM (nearly 39 million USD), Ajinomoto Vietnam Co., Ltd (26 million USD), Acrowel Vietnam Co., Ltd (more than 14 million USD) …

Currently, Long Thanh Industrial Park has 67 projects that have been put into operation, 8 projects are in the process of construction, 6 projects are about to be deployed and 3 projects are applying for an Investment Certificate. Enterprises in Long Thanh Industrial Park have significantly contributed to the province’s annual import and export turnover, and at the same time created jobs for about 10,000 workers in the region.

In 2012, in order to ensure sustainable development associated with environmental protection, Sonadezi Long Thanh focused on marketing business to target customers who are enterprises with a large investment with high technology. , uses less energy, environmental resources, causes less environmental pollution, and mainly focuses on supporting industries from countries with advanced industries. In addition, seizing opportunities from new investment flows of Japanese and Korean companies are promoting to seek investment opportunities in Vietnam in general and Long Thanh Industrial Park in particular (especially after the double disaster). land, tsunami in Japan and floods in Thailand), Sonadezi Long Thanh has stepped up marketing for leasing land and factories. In 2012, Long Thanh Industrial Park attracted 12 new projects, increasing the leased industrial land area of ​​Long Thanh Industrial Park to 248 hectares, accounting for 82%.

Although the capital scale of newly invested projects in Long Thanh Industrial Park in 2012 is not large, it is worth noting that many of them are in supporting industries such as: KSB Vietnam Co., Ltd (manufacturing pump and valves), Mera Vietnam Co., Ltd. (manufacturing related components and spare parts of construction equipment, machinery and vehicles – bulldozers, backhoe loaders, excavators…), Co., Ltd. KSM (manufacturing diesel engine components, oil pressing components), Hayamizu Vietnam Co., Ltd. (manufacturing ship engine components)… Investor of projects in countries with developed industries such as Japan Japan, Korea, Singapore, France… In which, Long Thanh Industrial Park has attracted 6 investment projects from Japan (accounting for 50% of the total number of projects attracted to Long Thanh IPs in 2012), 1 investment project from Singapore, 1 investment project from France, 1 investment project from Indonesia, 1 investment project from Korea, 2 investment projects from Vietnam.

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