Sonadezi Long Thanh: Two Decades of Pioneering and Success

Situated in the southern key economic region, the country’s most dynamic economic powerhouse, Sonadezi Long Thanh Joint Stock Company has harnessed advantages in the industrial park infrastructure sector. Capitalizing on these strengths, Sonadezi Long Thanh has experienced significant growth and achieved remarkable milestones over more than two decades of development (2003-2024). These accomplishments have not only brought prosperity to its workers but also generated substantial surplus value for its customers, partners, shareholders, localities and communities.

Sonadezi Long Thanh: Two Decades of Pioneering and Success
Long Thanh Industrial Park is a favored destination for many domestic and foreign investment projects

In the past two decades, Sonadezi Long Thanh has marked success in Long Thanh Industrial Park – one of the projects that showed Sonadezi Long Thanh’s pioneering steps in industrial and urban zone development. Owning all favorable elements for success and having a synchronous and connected infrastructure system, convenient transportation, flexibly designed products, professional employees and many practical support policies made Long Thanh Industrial Park a favored destination for many domestic and foreign investment projects. By January 2024, the industrial park attracted 126 investment projects with more than US$1.32 billion of registered capital and leased 287.76 ha of land to tenants, or 89.4% of the rentable area. Many large FDI firms trusted and chose Long Thanh Industrial Park as their production base such as Bosch, Olympus, Cadivi, Ajinomoto, Global Dyeing, Samil Vina, Zeder, Samtec and PDMM. Tenants in the industrial park have helped increase the budget revenue and import-export value of Long Thanh district as well as Dong Nai province. They also have employed about 10,000 local workers.

Looking back on the two-decade effort for development, the proudest achievement of Sonadezi Long Thanh’s staff is building a prestigious brand and creating a unique mark in each product. With its outperforming core operational areas, especially industrial park infrastructure operation and industrial factories for rent, Sonadezi Long Thanh has made impressive breakthroughs and secured sustainable growth. Currently, the company owns 614 ha of industrial land, including Long Thanh Industrial Park (486.91 ha), Long Phuoc 1 Industrial Complex (75 ha) and Chau Duc Industrial Park (51.62 ha) in Ba Ria – Vung Tau province. In addition, the company has investment interest in Tan Duc Industrial Park (Binh Thuan province), intensively develops ready-built factories for rent and promotes supporting products to gradually form an industrial – urban – service ecosystem.

Sonadezi Long Thanh: Two Decades of Pioneering and Success
Many prominent FDI corporations have selected Long Thanh Industrial Park as their trusted manufacturing hub

Mr. Pham Anh Tuan, General Director of Sonadezi Long Thanh, said that in the company’s investment portfolio, ready-built factories for rent are a key product deployed since 2007. The advantage of this product is helping investors save time and costs in building a factory and start production operations as soon as they are granted an investment license by authorities. Sonadezi Long Thanh has invested in building and leased 68 factories and attracted more than US$90 million of investment capital into this segment. In the next three years, the company can rent about 100 factories. “The preparation of industrial factories for rent in Long Thanh, Long Phuoc 1 and Chau Duc industrial parks aims to anticipate the demand for land and factory rental from the ongoing investment wave into Vietnam. This helps investors reduce the startup time, quickly put projects into effective production and business operations with minimized costs and optimized profits,” he affirmed.

In residential real estate investment and business, Sonadezi Long Thanh has carried out An Binh 2, Trang Bom, An Hoa, Phuoc Lai and Tam An residential areas to meet the housing needs and serve various customers (experts and workers in industrial parks and local residents) with well-located products and modern plans associated with a diverse range of services and utilities. Importantly, these projects will also help promote Sonadezi Long Thanh’s strategy for developing green industrial parks coupled with urban areas and services.

Sonadezi Long Thanh: Two Decades of Pioneering and Success
In Sonadezi Long Thanh JSC’s investment portfolio, ready-built factories for rent are a key product deployed since 2007

Speaking about the future direction, General Director Pham Anh Tuan said that one of the greatest strengths of Sonadezi Long Thanh is its persistence, flexibility and easy adaptation to any changing circumstances. Therefore, in the next journey, Sonadezi Long Thanh will also make appropriate changes to both adapt to difficult and volatile global and domestic economic situation while improving the quality of products and services and supporting the business community and investors. At the same time, the company will also search for new investment projects to expand the scope and scale of operations, create solid leverage to enhance brand value and effectively use allocated resources to help Sonadezi Long Thanh with enough strength and enough scope to spread its flying wings in the coming time.

By Thanh Tung, Vietnam Business Forum

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